Much of our work at The Jewellery Workshop is our highly individual, creative pieces designed and made in conjunction with the client. It is one of the most interesting aspects of our business, and one that involves close communication to achieve maximum satisfaction around the desired object. Over the years we have made thousands of individual pieces for clients who desire something unique.



The process begins with the client's sense of something he or she wants to achieve. Some clients come with drawings pictures and photographs, others with nothing. It is an exciting journey that takes time, but produces pieces of great originality.


There is no limit to the imagination.

Sometimes special is just too ordinary...
Ring half made
Wax process ring
carved ring blank

Each individual commission is made using the most appropriate method for the overall design. The starting point for this ring began with a blank wax ring, a sample sized silver ring and a special cut sapphire cabochon stone.

Sapphire & White Gold Bespoke Engagement Ring

casting of besoke ring
initail Casting

Once the wax is sculpted to size, it is cast into the desired metal; here 18ct white gold has been chosen by our client. The ring is then roughly cleaned up from the casting method, ready to be prepared for engraving and marking out.


The ring has been marked and the stone placed into the setting to check the fit. The sides are skilfully sawn away in line with the drilled holes ready to add small tubes to the cut out design.

 sanding an making ring
jewellery bench
sawing ring casting
bespoke commission
side view of ring
from wax carving

Small tubes of white gold are carefully located into the slots and soldered into place. Once the ring is cleaned, holes for the stones are meticulously measured and drilled ready for setting.


At this stage the client is consulted to allow for any minor adjustments before the final stages.

Baspoke sapphire ring process

Details such as fit and feel, stone quality and final engraving are checked with the client before the ring is lightly finished ready for stone setting. In this particular case the sapphire has been held in place with rods through the sides. Once stone is set these are removed.

The final stages have now been completed: diamonds have been grain set into the sides and shoulders of the ring, and a decorative millegrain edge has been added to define each segment of the design.

Saphire ring bespoke diamond
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