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The Jewellery Workshop was established in Diss in 1975 by John Cameron Price. Since that time the family has continued to run the business based on the strong principles of: personal service, excellent craftsmanship and affordability for its loyal clientèle and new customers.








Since the 1970's the workshop has produced fine works reflective of the times for both its retail shop and bespoke commissions. As a result we have a wealth of design and craftsmanship both traditional and modern. We continually respond to the challenging ideas and designs brought in by our customers, creating beautiful treasures, timeless and cherished.


Our diverse team of on-site jewellers; Mark, Lyn, David and Laura are happy to design and work with you in creating traditional or innovative commissions. Consultations can be arranged at your convenience.





Originating from craftsmanship and skill, our aim as a shop has always been to provide the very best jewellery specifically for our customers. Displayed in our attractive 17th Century shop, each item of jewellery is hand-picked for quality, affordability and design. We take pride in sourcing unusual and unique pieces alongside a traditional range.





The Family

Jennie, Toby, Joshua and Jerome are very proud of The Jewellery Workshop and the strong team of staff who run the workshop and shop. The family believe in quality from the least to the most expensive items. They enjoy sourcing and selecting new lines and are especially keen to promote and encourage new British designers. Jewellery made by John Cameron Price can be viewed on our JCP Heritage Gallery Page.




Customer Service

From early beginnings we have always had an excellent relationship with our customers. Whether a loyal regular or a fresh face, each customer is valued and we make every endeavour to find unusual, individual or unique items.





Lovely rose Gold handmade ring by John Cameron Price with bead detail
Founder John cameron price at work at his bench
Logo with man hammer and anvil for the jewellery workshop designer by Mr Price
Ring being constructed gold
unknown design from the archive
made by John Pruce with shank detail
Jewellery on the bench
Logo Jewellery Workshop