Melt and Mill

Sometimes an item is just too worn out to wear, or an inheritance piece is not to your liking or style. Our jewellers work with you by either adapting your existing piece(s), converting them into something different (conversion), or melting them down and making a new design from the recycled metal and recovered stones

(melt and mill).



When recycling your jewellery you benefit by gaining a new piece, whilst retaining the inherent value of the metal and stones. At the same time your sentimental attachment to the original jewellery is safeguarded.

This specialist service, only available in Diss at The Jewellery Workshop, recycles your old jewellery by melting the metal and milling the ingots to produce new  designs. Any broken or unwanted silver or gold jewellery can be recycled in this process to form a range of items including rings, bangles, pendants, brooches, earrings, and key-rings.



Gold Planishing bangle
Scrap Gold
Gold Ring melt and mill
Gold Handmade Wedding band
Sandcast Gold ring
Cross with Diamond


Here are some options that could be the basis for further discussions with our in-house jewellers and designers.

Remake diamond ring
Gold heart
Gold ring remake

Ring Remounts

The stones and metal are taken apart and remodelled into a newly designed ring.

Drop earrings

Additional Stones

A sentimental wedding band dramatically transformed with the addition of a stone.

Cross pendent

Heart Pendant

An example of a treasured wedding ring conversion.

Stone conversion

Turn a three stone ring into matching ear studs and pendant.

Stone Conversion

Cross Pendant

Earrings to Pendants

Silver Fox Brooch
Ring from pendent

Transform ear studs or drops into two pendants.

Join two wedding bands together into a pendant.

Double Band Pendant

Convert a diamond solitaire ring into a pendant.

Brooch  & Pendant Conversion

Ring & Pendant


Turn an unworn brooch into a desirable pendant.

Turn a ring into a pendant, or a pendant into a ring.

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